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Website Advertising

The Association’s website has now been active since October 2008. In that time it has become a popular destination for followers of amateur football in Aberdeenshire and beyond.

The Association offers businesses the opportunity to place advertising on the site. During the 2018/19 season over 1.3 million pages were viewed by over 77,000 potential customers.

Advert slots are available now for various sizes and locations on the site. Prices are £25 for a small button, £50 for a large button, £100 for a homepage banner and £150 for a large skyscraper. These costs are for a 12 month run and your advert is guaranteed to be shown at least 25,000 times during the year.

All income generated from advertising on the site will support the running costs of the site and the Association in general. In this way advertisers can be assured that they are not only gaining valuable publicity for themselves but also supporting the Association and it’s member clubs.

Advertisers will need to provide the adverts in a suitable format. Further information about site use and technical details can be provided should this be required.

To register your interest or ask any further questions please email webmaster@aberdeenshireafa.com.