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Remaining Fixtures

Friday 22nd May

Clark Commercials Aberdeen FC Trophy Final

Sportsmans Club v Rothie Rovers at Glenury Park – K Taylor; G Cheyne, M Smith, C Hudson

Kick-off 7.15pm

Saturday 23rd May

Soccer World Division One (East)

Nicolls Amateurs v AC Mill Inn at Denmore Park – S McKenzie

Soccer World Division Three

Postal ALC v Kintore at Webster Park – S Duff
Sheddocksley v Jesus House at Sheddocksley – A Barry
Westdyce v Auchnagatt Barons at Sheddocksley – R Watson

Kick-offs 2.00pm

Sunday 24th May

Edmond Trophy Final

Westhill v Halliburton at New Advocates Park – C Hudson; I Donaldson, R Watson, A Barry

Kick-off 2.00pm

Monday 25th May

Soccer World Premier Division

Sportsmans Club v Rothie Rovers at Findon – G Cheyne

Soccer World Division Three

Kintore v Croft Tavern at Kintore – R Nicholson
Sheddocksley v Postal ALC at Sheddocksley – K Fordyce

Kick-offs 7.00pm

Tuesday 26th May

Bowie Cup Final

Westdyke v Woodside at New Advocates Park – S Inverarity; J Fairley, R Nicolson, C Christie

Kick-off 7.15pm

Wednesday 27th May

Soccer World Division Three

Sheddocksley v AFC Murdos at Sheddocksley – D Hall

Kick-off 7.00pm

Friday 29th May

Soccer World Division Three

Jesus House v Sheddocksley at Sheddocksley – A Cook

Kick-off 6.45pm

Saturday 30th May

Soccer World Division Three

Sheddocksley v Kintore at Sheddocksley – C Christie

Kick-off 2.00pm