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AGM Round Up

AGM Round Up

The Association’s Annual General Meeting took place at Pittodrie on Thursday 30th June.

Five new clubs were welcomed into the Association at the AGM – Broomhill BC, Byron FC, Dee Amateurs, Great Northern Athletic and Turriff Thistle.

After many years of outstanding service to the Association, Richard and Alice Forbes stepped down from their positions as Association Secretary and Association Treasurer at the AGM. Richard has been the Association’s Treasurer since 1988 while Alice has held the position of Association Secretary since 1993. In addition to his duties as Treasurer, Richard has also contributed weekly match reports and photos of amateur games to the website and to the local press over many years. Both Richard and Alice have made an enormous contribution to the running of the Association over the past two decades and thanks were expressed at the AGM for all of the work that they have carried out.

There will be two new Office Bearer positions created from season 2011-12, with the Association now having a Registrations Secretary and a Disciplinary Secretary, in addition to the existing positions of President, Vice-President, Association Secretary, Match Secretary and Treasurer. Brian Christie has taken on the roles of Association Secretary and Registrations Secretary, Larry Officer is the new Disciplinary Secretary and Raymond Morrison has assumed the Treasurer’s role in addition to his existing duties as Vice-President of the Association.

The full list of Office Bearers for season 2011-12 is as follows:

President – Jim Napier
Vice-President and Treasurer – Raymond Morrison
Association Secretary and Registrations Secretary – Brian Christie
Match Secretary – Adrian Forrest
Disciplinary Secretary – Larry Officer

The new Office Bearers take up their positions with immediate effect and club secretaries are asked to note that the new Association Secretary’s contact details can be found on the “Contacts” page of the website.

The new season will get underway on Saturday 6th August.

League Champions – Season 2010-11

The league championship shields for season 2010-11 were presented at the AGM. The winners were:

Premier Division – Kincorth
Division One (North) – Mearns United
Division One (East) – Cove Thistle
Division Two (North) – Don Athletic
Division Two (East) – Rothie Rovers
Division Three – JS XI

The Frank Waugh Shield was presented to University as the runners-up in the Premier Division.

Players of the Year – Season 2010-11

The Divisional Player of the Year Awards are made based on the number of man of the match votes which each player receives from opposition teams in league matches throughout the season. The Divisional Players of the Year for season 2010-11 were:

Premier Division – Lee McKenzie, Sportsmans Club
Division One (North) – Ross Mair, Lads Club Amateurs
Division One (East) – Ian Campbell, RGU
Division Two (North) – Chris Robertson, Trophies International
Division Two (East) – Clark Milton, Westhill
Division Three – Ryan Causby, Cammachmore

Fair Play Awards – Season 2010-11

The Divisional Fair Play Awards are presented to the teams with the fewest disciplinary points over the course of the season. The winners of the Divisional Fair Play Awards for season 2010-11 were:

Premier Division – Kintore
Division One (North) – Stonehaven Athletic
Division One (East) – RGU
Division Two (North) – University Strollers
Division Two (East) – McTeagle
Division Three – Northern United

Secretary’s Award

The AAFA Club Secretary’s Award for 2010-11 was presented by Alice Forbes to Terry Massie of Kincorth.