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Leagues for Season 2011-12

A total of 81 out of the 83 clubs who finished season 2010/11 have re-applied for membership of the Association in season 2011/12.  The only clubs who have not re-applied for membership are Northern Hostspurs and Parkway Thistle.  Five new clubs have also applied for membership of the Association and a vote on their applications will be taken at the AGM on Thursday 30th June. The five new applicants are Broomhill BC, Byron FC, Dee Amateurs, Great Northern Athletic and Turriff Thistle.

The resignation of FC Geldie during season 2010/11 meant that there was an additional promotion place available from Division Two which was taken by Burghmuir following a play-off against University Strollers on Saturday 28th May and an additional promotion place available from Division Three which was taken by Northern United.

There is one name change for season 2011/12 with Newburgh changing to Newburgh Thistle.

The likely composition of the leagues for season 2011/12, based on the guide set out in the AAFA Handbook, is set out below. Please note that this is a provisional list and is subject to confirmation at the Association’s AGM on Thursday 30th June.

Premier Division (14 clubs)

Bon-Accord City
Cove Thistle
Cowie Thistle
Dyce ITC Hydraulics
Great Western United
Mearns United
Sportsmans Club

Division One (North) (14 clubs)

Tarves (11th – Premier)
Beacon Rangers (13th – Premier)
Insch (3rd – 1N)
Hilton (4th – 1E)
Rattrays XI (5th – 1N)
Stoneywood Amateurs (6th – 1E)
West End (7th – 1N)
Ellon Amateurs (8th – 1E)
Nicolls Amateurs (9th – 1N)
Glendale (10th – 1E)
Don Athletic (1st – 2N)
Westhill (2nd – 2E)
Kaimhill United (3rd – 2N)
Burghmuir (4th – 2E)

Division One (East) (14 clubs)

Old Aberdonians (12th – Premier)
AC Mill Inn (14th – Premier)
RGU (3rd – 1E)
MS United (4th – 1N)
Luthermuir (5th – 1E)
Lads Club Amateurs (6th – 1N)
Halliburton (7th – 1E)
Banchory (8th – 1N)
Newtonhill (9th – 1E)
Stonehaven Athletic (10th – 1N)
Newmachar United (11th – 1E)
Rothie Rovers (1st – 2E)
Portlethen United (2nd – 2N)
Johnshaven Athletic (3rd – 2E)

Division Two (North) (14 clubs)

Ellon Thistle (11th – 1N)
Bucksburn United (13th – 1E)
Bervie Caledonian (13th – 1N)
University Strollers (4th – 2N)
Feughside (5th – 2E)
Torry United (6th – 2N)
FC Polska (7th – 2E)
Continental (8th – 2N)
Mintlaw (9th – 2E)
Grammar FPs (10th – 2N)
University Colts (11th – 2E)
JS XI (1st – 3)
Alford (3rd – 3)
Cammachmore (5th – 3)

Division Two (East) (14 clubs)

Glendale Youth (12th – 1E)
Hazlehead United (12th – 1N)
Glendale XI (14th – 1E)
Scotstown Rovers (5th – 2N)
Kemnay Youth (6th – 2E)
Theologians (7th – 2N)
McTeagle (8th – 2E)
Postal ALC (9th – 2N)
Mugiemoss Youth (10th – 2E)
Trophies International (11th – 2N)
St Laurence (2nd – 3)
West End Electrical (4th – 3)
Torphins (6th – 3)
Northern United (7th – 3)

Division Three (up to 16 clubs)

ARI Thistle (12th – 2N)
Highland Hotel (12th – 2E)
Newburgh Thistle (13th – 2N)
Huntly Amateurs (13th – 2E)
Bankhead (14th – 2N)
Ferryhill (14th – 2E)
Glentanar Reflex (8th – 3)
Auchnagatt Barons (10th – 3)
BSFC (11th – 3)
Monymusk (12th – 3)
Fintray Thistle (14th – 3)
Broomhill BC (if application accepted at AGM)
Byron FC (if application accepted at AGM)
Dee Amateurs (if application accepted at AGM)
Great Northern Athletic (if application accepted at AGM)
Turriff Thistle (if application accepted at AGM)

* The teams finishing 11th, 12th and 13th in Division One (North) at the end of season 2010/11 have been allocated to the North and East sections in Division Two in accordance with the allocations which would have applied to the bottom three teams in Division One (North) in the event that it had a full complement of 14 teams. This is in accordance with the practice on the North/East allocation of relegated teams which has previously been adopted in the event that a league contains fewer than the standard number of teams at the end of a season. The teams relegated from Division One (North) are therefore placed in 2N (11th), 2E (12th) and 2N (13th). The teams relegated from Division One (East) are placed in 2E (12th), 2N (13th) and 2E (14th).