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Sports Injuries Course

The Scottish Amateur Football Association has secured funding for one member of all amateur football clubs to attend, at no cost to their club, a Sports Injuries Course which is run by the National Sports Medicine Centre. The course has been validated and endorsed by a number of sports governing bodies, including the Scottish Football Association.

The Constitution of the Scottish Amateur Football Association requires that, with effect from 1st July 2009, at least one member of each amateur football club shall have a current Sports Injuries Certificate. Many AAFA clubs have already satisfied this requirement by having a member attend and pass the course which took place in Aberdeen in March 2008. However, a number of clubs have still to satisfy the requirement and they should have received correspondence from the SAFA advising that the two day (16 hour) course will be run again in Aberdeen at the Woodside Community Centre, Marquis Road, Aberdeen on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2009 (9.00am to 5.00pm both days).

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The correspondence from the SAFA should include a pro-forma which must be completed and returned in the enclosed pre-paid envelope by 10th April 2009 to:

Andrea Anderson
Centre Administrator
The National Stadium
Sports Health & Injury Clinic
Hampden Park
Glasgow G42 9ED

We have been advised by the SAFA that this is the last course which will be organised locally prior to the deadline of 1st July 2009 and clubs who have not already satisfied the requirement and who do not attend this course will require to arrange to attend a course at an alternative venue.

Please note that the course is being organised and administered by the SAFA (rather than the AAFA), in conjunction with the Sports Medicine Centre at Hampden Park. Accordingly, any enquiries regarding the requirements and arrangements should be directed to:

Mr Hugh Knapp
Secretary, Scottish Amateur Football Association
Hampden Park
Glasgow G42 9DB

Telephone: 0141 620 4550
Fax: 0141 620 4551
Email: SAFA@scottish-football.com